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Research-based Elementary and Junior and Senior High Writing Curriculum

This curriculum contains comprehensive information to help any teacher succeed at teaching writing:Mendy_Writing

  • Step-by-step K-5 lesson plans for 36 weeks with tons of ideas and tips to help keep students motivated and enjoying the writing process. Scripts are included for those teachers who are new to teaching.
  • Powerpoint Presentations (for K-5) that coincide with the 36 weeks of lessons. Over 30 slides in each week's lesson with over 1000 slides in all.
  • Graphic organizers (only 2 types), worksheets, and visuals that can be used for overheads for each grade level for an entire year.
  • A color coding system that reinforces learning about structuring paragraphs, supporting statements, beginnings and endings.
  • Rubrics for assessing students at each grade level before they begin the program.
  • Editing sheets for each grade level.kids_small-raisedhands
  • Grade level appropriate new words and transition words.
  • Grade level appropriate prompt topics (what to write about).
  • Prompts for each writing genre.
  • Sample papers to be used for modeling (the teachers will love these)...even student samples for the Jr. and Sr. high volume.
  • Assessment prompts for each grade level.
  • Assessment grading rubrics for each grade level.
  • Professional Development workshops/lectures are available according to individual or specific school needs.

 See Training Available.

Opinion Writing Lessons now available

Lessons designed to meet the Common Core Writing Standards for Opinion Writing are now available for grades K, 1st, and 2nd.
For those teachers who already have the WriteReflections curriculum, see these downloadable supplemental lessons.

For those teachers who are new to WriteReflections, the Opinion Writing Lessons are now included in the curriculum. See these products (which are shipped with a book and CD) for individual teachers:

Easy Ordering and Training

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Cool Training is available in three different formats: live, by dvd, or by Skype! Training via Skype is an economical way to train your teachers. This training can be customized to fit your needs. Call 804-296-0141 for more information!

Why Do I Need This Program?
Powerful Powerpoints for K-5: Perfect for your Interactive White Boards! Included with the package when schools purchase Elementary Writing program. Also available for each grade for Home School/Individual teachers.

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Schools or Districts
Individuals/Home Schools

This program was developed by teachers for teachers.

  • Are your students having difficulties in writing?
  • Would you like to see your students, even those who are ELL (English Language Learners) or Special Education, experience success in writing and produce accomplished essays?
  • Are your writing test scores in need of improvement?
  • Are you looking for a spiraled or sequenced writing program in your school from K-12th grade?


If you answered yes to any of these, you need WriteReflections.


K-5 Writing Curriculum Aligned to the Common Core Standards. 

Click here for a printable document showing how the lessons meet K-5 Common Core Standards.

What is Write Reflections?

IT IS A WRITING PROGRAM THAT...newscores-small

  • IS coordinated and sequenced (scaffolded) from K-12th grade.
  • IS geared towards SUCCESS in state writing assessments for K-12th grade
  • CAN be implemented with one student, one classroom, or a whole school
  • MINIMIZES CONFUSION by using only two mind-maps to organize all genres of writing from K-12th grade
  • REINFORCES and Enhances learning by being multi-sensory -using color-coding to distinguish the parts of an essay
  • IS PERFECT for the broad spectrum of student learning skills, learning mastery, and learning challenges. Such as...
    • ADVANCED STUDENTS who can plan, produce, edit and revise their writing with minimal supervision.
    • SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS who need more visual multi-sensory cues to master thought organization in writing.
    • ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS who also need more visual tools along with repetition (Research indicates that repetition and practice in general in learning are the most highly effective ways to retain information over time (e.g.,Heathcote, Brown, & Mewhort, 2000; Myung, Kim, & Pitt, 2000; Newell and Rosenbloom, 1981)
    • ANY STUDENT who needs differentiated instruction in the area of writing (since the same lesson can be accommodated for all levels of writing through the use of the varying organizational webs with corresponding editing sheets)
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