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WriteReflections improves writing and standardized test scores - see samples of student writing
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Every teacher always wants to know what students can accomplish when they use this program. The Elementary and Jr/Sr High student samples provided here are student work provided to us from teachers who are using this writing program. You will be amazed at how well your students can write when you implement our WriteReflections curriculum. Not only will their paragraphs improve, but also their vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and everything critical to being a successful writer.
We've  included some samples from the 2nd grade and 4th grade curriculum so that you can see the scope and sequence, table of contents, a sample lesson, and a sample PowerPoint. With these you can begin to see how easy it is to teach writing with this program, and begin to imagine how you can teach your students to love writing.  The color coding process and use of just one graphical web are just a few of the things that make this work for every student.

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